About Me


My name is Julia and I’m a home decorator. I have been doing this for a number of years, and there is nothing I like best than helping others bring color and life to their spaces. Whether it is suggestion on new carpeting or how to re-upholster your furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Let me give your bedroom, bath, kitchen, even gym or office, a look that is uniquely yours.

I began my home decorating journey when I was just a young girl. Even as a child, I decorated my bedroom all by myself. From the color of the paint for my walls (which was a soft, beautiful pink with an even softer lilac for the crown molding) to my comforter and shams, I picked the colors I wanted my “oasis” to be. And my parents let me, because here’s the thing they loved the most about it: I knew how to do it and not make them spend a lot of money. While I was growing up, I got really involved in arts and crafts, so I knew all about dying to get the shade of desired color. From my shoes to my hair, I always had the ability to give myself “exact color.”

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