If You Desire a Country Home

One of today’s most common decorating themes is country home. Maybe it’s common because it offers a warm ambiance and overall friendliness. Country home decorating, because of its warm setting, is liked by those who live there and people who love to visit the country. There is just something so quiet and easy about the country and country living.

Like any home decorating project, you should decide from the very beginning in what areas, rooms, or spaces you want to use country home décor. Some folks elect to put this theme in their whole home, while some want it in just one or two rooms, most likely kitchen and dining room. Because this style is meant for those who like ease and nature, some people may choose to put the country decorating theme in their entire house.


Country home decorating mixes clean, bright colors with country furniture and matching accessories. When selecting colors for country home décor, brown, yellow, and green in light to medium shades is the way to go. The colors should deliver a rustic setting. To add to the painted walls, a property owner could decide to draw country characteristics like fruits and vegetables. Wallpaper boarders are typically used in country home décor. It is fine to use any type of décor combinations, but make sure the colors and designs don’t clash. You want to give a country home setting, not look like you run a clown school.

Ideas for country floors include wood, flagstone, or tile. You could, if you are feeling adventurous, decorate your floors with stencils and patterns. If not, try an area rugs. In staying with the country home theme, those with a real look develop a warm, cozy feeling. Quilted and braided rugs make gorgeous additions to a country floor.


Best wishes on starting your country home decorating project!